Shotblast Services

What is the shotblasting process?

The term “shot blasting” refers to the process of propelling abrasive media material with centrifugal or mechanical force. This abrasive treatment method uses a device similar to a spinning wheel to centrifugally accelerate shot-like material and blast it against a surface.

CHROME 40 grade stainless steel blasting media is used to produce a uniform “silvery grey” appearance for aluminium products, suitable for an instant cosmetic perspective or coating adhesion

Why use a leading shotblasting company

Alloy Heat Treatment have installed a vertical hanger blast facility. Parts are hung on manual Y-Track monorails for specific shotlast operations. AHT can accommodate a maximum product size of: 2600mm (h) x 1600mm (w) x 1600mm (d) and a maximum product weight of 800Kg.

AHT can provide shotblasting as a stand-alone service or an auxiliary process post heat treatment, with rapid turn round times available.

Is shotblasting available after heat treatment?

Yes. If we heat treat a product, shotblast is offered after heat treatment.

Where does shotblasting sit in the process line?

If a product requires dye pen, this is required to be carried out prior to shotblasting, shotblasting before dye pen will cover any discontinuities.


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