3D Scanning & Measurement Service

To help further increase AHT’s setting department precision capabilities and to speed-up the throughput of its important work AHT now have an advanced Quantum E ScanArm from FARO UK.

In our first-class setting department where our skilled operators remove distortion from components following the quenching process, we now offer the option of using our new Quantum E ScanArm which can considerably speed up the processes. The scans made by our new FARO equipment enables precise corrections to be made to components, then by re-scanning them, our staff can ensure that components adhere to customers’ requirements.

We can also generate detailed reports for customers, or for those that already have their own FARO equipment, provide scan data for clients to analyse themselves.

When the FARO Laser Line Probe option is attached to a FaroArm, it becomes a super-efficient ScanArm, capable of delivering up to a remarkable 600K metrology points per second. AHT have equipped their FARO Quantum E ScanArm with a Prizm Colour Laser Line Probe – the world’s only colour laser line probe for portable measurement arms. When used in combination with the Prizm Laser Line Probe, the Quantum E delivers uncompromising levels of performance across all applications that require accurate colour point cloud data capture.

Reflecting FARO’s leading position in the design and manufacture of measuring arms, Quantum FaroArms are the first Arms in the market that are certified against ISO 10360-12:2016 for articulated arms, setting a new industry performance bar, and ensuring maximum measurement consistency and reliability.

Because the FaroArm is portable and quick to set up, AHT are able to offer this service either at our own site, or at the customer’s own site, and can be offered with or without heat treatment service.


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