Alloy Heat Treatment utilise a SED compliant, vapour solvent degreaser, capable of cleaning and drying components up to 3m long and 500 kilos in weight, to aircraft industry standards.

Here at AHT we use Perchloroethylene Solvent, this is because it is a great chemical in cleaning and degreasing new metal helping prevent impurities from weakening the metal. This process is a mandatory requirement for Prime Contractors prior to the heat treatment process.

This can also be done as a stand alone service and we are happy to give you a free trial to other materials along with Aluminium.

How it Works?

Our vapour degreaser contains two tanks that are called Sumps, a metal basket, and bands of cooling coils. One sump boils the solvent and the second sump collects the solvent distillate.

Parts to be cleaned are placed in a metal basket that is lowered in the machine. The metal basket is placed above the boiling solvent and below cooling coils. As the solvent boils the vapours rise but don’t escape due to being trapped by a layer of refrigeration via cooling coils.

The vapor then condenses on the surface of the metal dissolving the contaminants. As the solvent drips off the parts it removes the soils with it.

This is a closed-loop process, so the solvent is cycled over-and-over again. The vapors go up into the cold trap, condense and run back down into the rinse sump. The rinse sump then overflows into the boil sump. The soil stays in the boil sump and will not travel with the vapor, and will not cross-contaminate parts or the rinse sump.

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Above is a short video on our Degreasing process.

Below is an image of our Vapour Degreasing plant.


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