Aluminium Products Limited (ALPRO) is a privately owned company established in 1937 and has occupied the present site in West Bromwich since 1945. They are a craft foundry retaining the traditional skills of the industry together with 75 years of experience, utilising modern technology including the use of self-setting sand and metal treatment control. With Production covering all types and complexities of Aluminium and Zinc castings, from one off prototypes to productions runs – from simple castings weighing a few grams to large castings weighing up to 1.5 tonnes.

AHT were recently tasked with heat treating a particularly large and heavy circular casting for ALPRO, along with a smaller casting for the same project. To ensure that the part was adequately supported during heat treatment, our Design Engineer was tasked with designing a suitable fabricated mild steel fixture. As the large casting could only fit inside our Oven 25 at an angle, the support structure for this also needed to be angled, with the entire fixture being sized to fit inside a standard Oven 25 treatment frame. The final design achieved this, with room underneath to provide a small platform to accommodate the smaller casting so that they could be processed together.

Fabrication of the fixture itself was sub-contracted to long-time associates Thermal Engineering Services in Doddenham, Worcestershire.

If you have a similar design need, please get in touch with our Design Engineer, Steve West via email or direct dial 01384 453966.

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