Nadcap® Approved Heat Treatment Status Renewed For Alloy Heat Treatment in The West Midlands.

In a significant milestone for the aerospace industry, Alloy Heat Treatment, a leading alloy and aluminium heat treatment company based in Dudley, West Midlands, proudly announces the achievement of Nadcap® Merit status for Heat Treating. The prestigious recognition, awarded by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), underscores Alloy Heat Treatment’s unwavering commitment to superior performance and continual improvement in aerospace quality.

Steve Roberts, the Quality Director at Alloy Heat Treatment, expressed his delight, stating, “I am delighted that Alloy Heat Treatment has again been awarded Nadcap® Merit status for Heat Treating. It is a true indication of how dedicated the team at Alloy Heat Treatment is to providing a quality service to the Aerospace Industry.”

This accolade is not an isolated achievement for Alloy Heat Treatment; the company has held Nadcap® accreditation since 2005. Their consistent demonstration of a commitment to quality, coupled with exceeding customer requirements and industry specifications, has propelled them into the elite category of Nadcap® Merit status. This recognition, rather than necessitating the typical twelve-month audit cycle, extends Alloy Heat Treatment’s accreditation until February 28, 2026, reflecting the company’s exceptional performance.

Jay Solomond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute, highlighted the global recognition of Nadcap® accreditation as a hallmark of quality, marking a major accomplishment for Alloy Heat Treatment. Solomond applauded the company’s achievement of the 24-month Merit status, noting that this distinction reduces audit-related costs and associated pressures. In the aerospace industry, Nadcap® has been integral in risk management, showcasing compliance to industry standards and meeting customer requirements.

Solomond’s congratulatory message to Alloy Heat Treatment resonated with pride for the entire team involved in achieving this esteemed status. He stated, “PRI is proud to support the continuous improvement of quality at Alloy Heat Treatment and within the wider industry. Well done to everybody involved.”

About Nadcap®

Nadcap®, initiated in 1990 by SAE International, stands as a testament to excellence in the aerospace industry. Administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute (PRI), Nadcap® is a globally recognized accreditation that signifies adherence to industry standards and customer requirements. PRI, as a global provider of customer-focused solutions, collaborates closely with industries where safety and quality are shared goals. Their mission is to improve process and product quality, add value, reduce total costs, and promote collaboration among stakeholders.

The Nadcap® Task Group, responsible for evaluating and bestowing Nadcap® Merit status, considers factors such as ongoing commitment to quality, satisfaction of customer requirements, and compliance with industry specifications. Alloy Heat Treatment’s achievement of this coveted status is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence in aerospace quality.

NADCAP Accredited Heat Treatment Until 2026

Alloy Heat Treatment’s reception of Nadcap® Merit status for Heat Treating is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in the aerospace industry. The extended accreditation until 2026 is not just a recognition of past achievements but a vote of confidence in Alloy Heat Treatment’s ongoing dedication to quality and continuous improvement. This accolade positions them as a leader in the field, with a reduced audit frequency providing operational advantages and cost efficiencies.

As Alloy Heat Treatment continues to raise the bar in heat treating services, their Nadcap® Merit status underscores the company’s role as a trusted partner in the aerospace sector. The entire team at Alloy Heat Treatment can take pride in this achievement, knowing that their commitment to quality has been acknowledged on a global scale.