We work closely with a wide range of clients at the forefront of advanced engineering, delivering a comprehensive technical service and unrivalled heat treatment.

Examples of products heat treated for the general engineering sector include fastenings, particle accelerator (CERN) parts, manifolds for diesel engines in the marine sector, medical parts such as wheel chair frames, various tubular fabrications etc.

Considering ourselves as an extension of our clients business, we are able to offer guidance on material selection, overcoming potential obstacles within the material design process. We work directly with manufacturers or general machinists within any point of the supply chain.

Metallurgists are always on hand to give free advice and interpret published technical data combined with the practical knowledge required to make the optimum materials selection. They can also give advice on the best process route available for a particular component Processing advice can also be given on other metallic materials.

We also offer a dedicated service specialising in temper conversion for aluminium stockholders, enabling maximum utilisation of existing stock.

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